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    Reference Fireworks files by link?


      In InDesign, there is a way to reference a file (create a link to another file). When you update the original file, the referencing file, when opened, asks the user 'would you like to update the link?'; is this action possible in Fireworks?


      This is what the popup dialogue box looks like.

      Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 9.23.05 PM.png



      Here is my use case: create screens for applicaiton, then create wireframe document that references that file. Problems are, for me, that if I edit the original document at the moment I don't know of a way to link the file into the wireframe .fw document. So keeping the two up to date and "n'sync" (sorry, had to) is quite a PITA for a larger project.


      Tl/Dr: I would like to automate the task of keeping a document up to date referencing other Fireworks files.



      Thanks for any insight and long live Fireworks