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    Closed Captions on different channels

    Red Planet Pictures

      Hi all, we have a client who needs english and french closed captions on some projects, so I'm trying to output captions on CC3 but it's not working. They're only showing up when set to CC1. I've done a lot of searching online and found nothing regarding this in Premiere, wondering if anyone can help?


      The CC files are .scc, made with MovieCaptioner by SynchriMedia. I have a Blackmagic HD Extreme 3D card installed, and I've confirmed that the captions do not display on my external monitor as well unless it is set to CC1. In fact, when I set Premiere to CC3, they still appear on my monitor when it's on CC1. This proves that the option to change CC channels in Premiere is for display only, and is not actually changing the output.


      So I'm wondering if maybe the CC channel is actually defined within the .scc file itself? I haven't found the answer in my searches online so far, and I've emailed SynchriMedia but awaiting their response. Or is the problem in Premiere, and is it supposed to be able to do the encoding to different CC channels? I know getting MacCaption is a possible solution, but it's way out of our budget.


      Really want to avoid outsourcing this to someone else, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,