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    Editing Stereo Video?

    Nohjekim Level 1

      Hi Guys


      Well I've been here asking about creating ghosts, fog and other strange things.

      Now I have something new.


      I got a new computer that has a Geforce 680 video card, and a 27" monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate.

      So now I have nVidia 3D Vision.


      The 3D Vision works great, better then I had hoped and games look fantastic.

      I'm having a blast, but the real reason that I went this route is that I want to create my own 3d content.


      Yes, I want to have Lucy in 3D!

      If James Cameron can do it why not me?


      I started out doing still images with good results and now I'm on to video.


      I've created some really clear 1080i stereo video.


      I do this by setting up my 3D animation with lip Sync etc, in Poser and then outputting two videos with the cameras moved a set number to clicks left and right from the center point.


      I then take the two videos and run them through 3D Movie Maker to get an .avi file that will play in nVidia 3D Movie Player as a Stereo 3D movie, viewable with the shutter glasses.


      Now for the problems.


      I have several clips done that look good, but now I want to put them together.


      I didn't expect it to work but I ran one of the files through PE10, and as I expected when it came out of PE it wasn't stereo any more. 


      So that means I have to edit the two videos side by side in syc and then output them separately.


      I guess I can do that, put the first video together in the main track, and then duplicate it in track 2.

      I don't have to worry about sound in the second track only the video.


      So then what do I do?


      I thought that maybe I could get it all put together, save the project as "Lucy talks about whales" master file.

      Then delete one of the tracks and save it again as "LtaW Left eye" then open the master file delete the other track and save it as Right Eye etc.


      Once it's all edited I can covert it into a stereo .avi file.


      If anyone has done this or knows of a simple way to do this I'd love to hear it?

      Is there a way to edit Stereo Video in PE10?


      Maybe I could just substitute the left eye video clips for the  right?

      I just though of that.


      Any way I'm having a blast doing this, and they always end up working in the end! LOL


      Any help appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're going to work in 3D, you probably should use a program that includes the option to edit and output 3D, Mike. Sony Movie Studio 12 is a good, affordable example.


          Premiere Elements doesn't edit or output anaglyphic 3D.

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            Nohjekim Level 1

            Hi Again


            Hey, I figured out an easy way to do it.

            So if anyone wants to edit 3D in PE here's how you do it.


            I just tried this with a sample and it worked great.


            Make a folder and put all your video files in it, the ones for both the left and right eyes, for all of your clips.


            Number all of your Right Eye clips something like for example, 01 Zoom into pub door.avi.

            Then you would number your Left Eye clip 02 Zoom into pub door.avi etc.


            Now load all your right eye clips into Premiere Elements and put your video together.


            When it's finished with all the transitions etc. save it as Pub film Right Eye.avi and output a copy.


            Now open the original folder with all your clips in it, and put an x in front of all the 01 files.


            I.e. X01 Zoom into pub door.avi.


            Now change all the 02 files to 01, for example 02 Zoom into pub door.avi becomes 01 Zoom into pub door.avi.


            Open PE back up and open the job.


            PE will automatically replace all the Right Eye clips with the Left Eye Clips.


            Save it again as Left Eye title.


            Output it and then combine the two in 3D MovieMaker and you have your Stereo Video.


            It works great and only takes as long as it takes you to rename your files.



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              Nohjekim Level 1

              I have another question though.


              I go through this every time I get back to PE.


              I'm importing my files in .avi format.

              I'm importing at 1920 by 1080 or 1600 by 900 format, and I have the job set as Full HD 1080i 30.


              I need to export as an .avi file.


              When I get to the part where I want to export the job I don't get any options to save the job at anything larger then 720 by 480.


              How can I get it to output and at least 1600 by 900?



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                AVIs are pretty hefty files, Mike. That's why you rarely see one that's larger than 720x480 (unless it's using a non-DV or MP4 codec).


                What do you plan to do with your AVI? How do you plan to use or distribute it? There is likely an optimal format and setting for your output files other than AVI.

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                  Nohjekim Level 1

                  Hi Steve


                  To answer the first question I don't really plan to distribute the 3D files.


                  The high res video I use to bore people who come to my house by making them sit in front of my computer and watch my latest output.


                  Everyone pretends that they like them! LOL

                  Because I'm old they let me get away with it.


                  I do send links of the ones I store online, to people via e-mail but these are done in a lower resolution.


                  I keep saying that I'm going to put them on Youtube, but the problem is that I keep getting better at it, so I keep putting it off until I get it to the level I want to show.


                  I've done my first video over 3 times, as both my skill, and the software I use gets better.

                  My earlier video was rendered in very low resolution, now with my new computer and the latest software I can do them at full HD.


                  Now I'm planning on doing "Lucy talks about Grandfather", my first video again in 3D.


                  In short I'm doing this mostly for my own amusement.


                  The reason that I'm using .avi files is that, Poser, where I do most of my animating only exports avi files. 


                  This has been kind of a pain for years, but they've never deemed to add any other output file type.


                  However after reading your message I did some more research.


                  I found that nVidia 3D Movie Player, will play virtually any kind of video file, even things I've never heard of.


                  It doesn't even need a 3D movie file, it will take any kind of matched left, right movie files.


                  If you have a video that is for the left eye and one that is for the right eye then you can just load the two files into it and it will play back as a full screen stereo movie in HD.


                  It doesn't need to be run through 3D Movie Maker at all, this makes things a lot simpler.

                  I can just make folders for a film put the 2 files in it and save them that way.

                  When I want to play it, I just open the folder load the two files and it plays.


                  3D MovieMaker on the other hand only outputs in .avi format, so the files are bigger.


                  Since I won't be posting these online in 3D format anyway, as no one can watch them unless they have 3D Vision, the glasses, and a nVidia graphics card that supports it, I guess the I've got a handle the basics of this.


                  I can make the videos any size as long as I make then in .mpg format and I can save them as two files.


                  The one I upload will just be one half of the stereo movie saved in a smaller size.


                  Since I've posted earlier I've done a bunch of test files, (there are so many options).


                  Creating the stereo files in Premiere Elements by just changing the names of the files in the storage folders is really easy to do.


                  If I watch closely I can see the image jump sideways when I open PE back up and it switches which clip it is showing.


                  Thanks for the help.


                  When I finish the new Lucy I'll come back and post a link here, in 2D.



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                    Nohjekim Level 1



                    I updated my system for editing the left, right video clips.


                    I made a master folder called, Video Source_Pub Story.


                    Under it I created two sub folders, Left Eye, and Right Eye.


                    Name all your files for both eyes the same, i.e. "01 Pub Zoom Intro.avi"


                    Put all your source video clips in the appropriate folder.

                    Right eye, in the right eye folder etc.


                    Now drag all the Left Eye material into the Video Source folder.


                    Put your video together using these files.


                    When your done and it's saved, just copy all the Right Eyes Files and paste them into the Video Source foleder, it will ask if you want to replace them, say yes and Premiere Elements will update all the files in your video.


                    Just save it again as Right Eye Video and your done.