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    Organizer PSE10 crashes all the time - tried a number of tips from here but giving up.

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      I have a W7 64 bit system with quad core and 6gb ram.  I also run Lightroom 3 with the latest updates.


      I have Premiere Elements 10 both for video and photos and have had it for more than a year.  It never worked well and has either been slow or crashed from the beginning.  I am thinking this Adobe product is a very bad choice for video since in prior times I have had Elements for only photos.


      Today, when I start everything up, the Organizer stops working and the program needs to be killed.  Basically I can never use this. 


      I have tried multiple re-installs using both the 32 bit and 64 bit discs.  I have selected to start with new preferences each time.  I also have used the ctrl/alt/shift trick and have manually selected to start with new preferences.  As soon as I point the Organizer to a directory that has either video or still files, the program stops working and needs to be killed.


      I have come to realize that Adobe is too big of a company to care about the smaller consumer who uses these products.  Why pay for a program like this at about $90 that does nothing at all for me, when Picasa handles this stuff just fine?  You can tell this because there is a real absence of responses here by Adobe employees who could really help.


      Anyone else out there stuck with this software and has had the same issues and come to some resolution?  Your assistance would be valued greatly.  Thank you