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    CS6 printing partial text

    PurplePlumUK Level 1



      As usual, I'm up against a deadline so troubleshooting on this is pressured.


      I opened a file from another designer this morning (can't remember but think he'd worked in CS5). Now I find that while it all looks ok on screen in InDesign and in any PDFs I export, I get a print out where the text looks like a white block has been placed ontop partially. It's random which bit of text it chooses and there's no decernable common characteristic (as I've said, I've not had a lot of time to troubleshoot this so there may be something subtle). Plain simple black text or reversed out... both suffer the issue. If I move the text which partially printed to a different position on the page within the same page it'll print ok.


      I've deleted reset the application preferences.

      I'm now copying artwork into a new file which seems to have (so far) reduced the problem.


      Anyone encountered anything like this???


      I've been printing from these files for almost a year without any issues whatsoever. Only today did I open a file from someone else while these files were open.


      CS6, Mac 10.7.5


      Thank you for taking an interest.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          BluePlumUK wrote:

          I've been printing from these files for almost a year without any issues whatsoever.

          If you've been editing the same file for a year it may have built up some minor internal corruption (especailly if you don't do a Save AS on a regular basis). A trip through .idml may clean it and solve the problem: Remove minor corruption by exporting


          Copying the content to a new file is a good, but potentially time consuming, plan. I find exporting the stories to InDesign Tagged Text and importing that into a new file is pretty reliable and much faster, especially if you have threaded text frames across multiple threads.


          Not seeing what you have it's hard to say if you've got a stray object, but it certainly won't hurt to look in the layers panel and try to identify things you don't recognize that might be invisible but knock out the text (had a case here last week where a glow effect on a background image caused the entire page in a PDF to be blank).


          Finally, and this is not likely, I have seen two cases back in CS3 and C4 (or maybe earlier) where a stray single-point object with a fill assigned wreaked havok with the PDF. I don't know how to accidentally make such an object -- the only way I've been able to do it is to create a filled shape and use the direct select tool to select and remove all but one node on the defining path. At the time you could not view objects in the layers palette, nor would this "phantom" object select by use of the Selection tool, even when I knew where it was, so the only way I had of selecting and delting it was to use the Select All command, then carefully deselect all the known objects on the page using the Selection tool, and finally hit the delete key to remove anything else.

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            PurplePlumUK Level 1

            Hi Peter


            Thanks for replying.


            My statement about "using these files for a year now" wasn't entirely accurate and included the usual activity of an occasional "Save As" in there.. but you've a good point. I've 'managed' (not necessarily that methodically) the highly paginated artwork by splitting it over a number of files during the year.


            I'll try the "trip through .idml" and hopefully get chance to test it. (I've printed what I need to from the new 'copy & pasted' file). I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to methodically investigate this further, but the jobs almost at an end so I might get pulled onto something else.


            Fortunately the artwork doesn't have any linked text boxes otherwise the copy and paste option wouldn't really be workable. There are lots of simple shape graphics on each page which is why I went for that approach, rather than export stories.


            I'd already checked for foriegn objects in the layers panel as that was my immediate thought on seeing the issue and it's really interesting what you describe by way of a phantom object. I've never encountered such a thing and, like you, wouldn't know how that might be created.


            Thanks again - appreciated

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              PurplePlumUK Level 1

              I've put the file which first seemed to manifest the issue through .idml – to no avail. It prints out exactly the same as it did before.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I'd like to see the file if you're willing to share. I'll send you an upload link which you are free to use or ignore.