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    (Trial) No Audio playback on timelime


      Hi, I'm trying to use audio in the timeline from any position and have it start and stop when I press enter. But the problem

      I'm encountering is that it will only play the audio clip when it's at the start of the timeline, and once you click play,

      it continues to play  till it has reached the end of the clip. Obviously this makes it very difficult to sync up sounds with the video.


      I've downloaded the trial on 2 different computers and it seems to be happening on both. I couldnt find any

      preferences to fix it. And I didnt see any updates that showed a fix.


      I would greatly appreciate some help in this manner. 

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          There is no fix. This is the way that Flash works. If you put things in the timeline they will play back. How well or poorly they play will depend on what you have designed and how capable the computer is at reproducing what you've designed. Flash plays back from the .swf at runtime using the Flash player. This is different from the way that digital video plays, for instance.


          If you place a sound file instance in the timeline by attaching it to a keyframe, that sound will begin to play as soon as the playback head hits that keyframe. The sound will continue to play until it has finished. If you want to have more precise control over the playback of the sound, you'll have to use Actionscript. Here is a good tutorial on the basics of sound control with Actionscript: http://www.schoolofflash.com/2008/03/tutorial-using-sound-in-actionscript-3/.


          Adobe also has some very good introductory videos on Flash. You may want to go through some of these to get more familiar with the ways that you can work with Flash: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/flash-in-a-flash/episode-1/

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