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    Problem With Flash Player 11.5.502.110 and IE9


      I'm having a problem with 1 of my networked machines and the above version of Flash.


      It's a Windows 7 x64 with the above Flash installed. When I go to any website that uses Flash (via the 32 bit IE9 but there is also no difference using x64), it does not recognise that the Flash is there. This is a brand new machine on a 2003 domain.


      To date I have :


      1. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times (including running as administrator), rebooting machine each time.

      2. Checked that Shockwave Flash is enabled.

      3. Checked that Activex is disabled.

      4. Checked that Active Scripting is enabled

      5. Reset all of points 2-4.


      The machine does have Kasperky Endpoint Security 8. I alsohave other brand new machines bought at same time and to same spec that work with no problems. Is there a registry key or anything that could be causing the problem?