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    ID cs6 not changing page numbering style

    theGraphicsGuy Level 1

      I am having trouble getting ID CS6 to change the page numbering style. I need to set some pages of a book as roman numerals, but when I change the page numbering style for that section (or any section), it doesn't change the page numbers and when I reselect that section, the change I made from arabic numbers to roman has changed back to the original arabic. So far there is one other person in my office who is having this trouble (others with nearly identical setups do not). If a document is changed to roman numerals by someone else, or if I make a document in CS5 with roman numerals and convert it to CS6 the page numbers will stay roman numerals unless I try to select the section and change the numbering style. Once I've tried to mess with it it will default back to arabic numbers and I can no longer change it back to roman numerals. This problem isn't just with roman numerals -- I can't change the page numbering style to anything else.


      I have tried this with existing documents and new documents -- neither work.


      Any ideas?