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    CS5 cannot open .idml file exported from CS6


      I've seen this question before from people having problems with other versions of InDesign. I, too, am having an issue with plug-ins that do not allow me to open an idml file. I downloaded the script that verifies the version used to create the idml to be sure it really was made from CS6, not CS5.5. It's not an empty file as it is 3.3mb Interestingly, when the customer packaged the file it came up with no links. It's a 32-page document with lots of photos, graphics, etc. How it is possible that it would not have any links? Any suggestions short of having to upgrade to CS6 would be helpful. Thank you.

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          P Spier CommunityMVP

          If all the images were pasted there would be no links.


          What is the exact error message that you are getting? Are you sure this is actually a .idml file and not a .indd file that somebody changed the extension on? Is your copy of CS5 patched to 7.0.4?

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            sheltie<3 Community Member

            Hi Peter,


            I'm guessing it might have been a network corruption problem. She brought in her laptop, we made another .idml file and loaded it to a USB stick, then transferred it to my computer. The file opened just fine. And yes, she had pasted all her images, so we have her collecting the bits and pieces for me to review and relink everything. I believe I have the patch, but will double-check. Thanks!