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    who wants to help? - beta tester / apps / devs / needed




      Announcing the beta launch of ThunderCloud! Exclusively at - thundercloud.io


      Thundercloud is a PAAS solution which enables you to store, retrieve and share mobile app data in the cloud. This means, for the first time ever, you can:



      • Upload your app data.

      • Retrieve your app data at will.

      • Retrieve data from other apps at will.


      With ThunderCloud, the possibilities for app integration and data sharing are endless!



      Here's how it works:

      1. Add your app.

      2. Setup keys for what you want to store and share.

      3. Upload your data, per app and or per user.

      4. Retrieve your data whenever you want.

      5. Retrieve and utilize data from other apps.

      6. User-Spaced: If you provide a user email then you will retrieve user data.

      7. App-Spaced: If you don't provide a user email you will retrieve aggregated app-data.




      While we are still in beta we will be offering you any plan of your choice 100% free of charge! Just join us and let us know how ThunderCloud has helped you supersize the impact of your app.



      Feedback welcome!




      Team ThunderCloud





      >> Use the feedback link to the right.



      More really exciting stuff coming soon!