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    Flash Update Breaks loadMovie command


      After a recent update of the Flash player, a number of older swfs have suddenly stopped working after many years. It has just happened in the last month. First in Chrome and now Firefox, IE, and Safari in both Windows and MacOS. The problem appears to be related to the loadMovie command. All of the affected SWFs were written in AS2 and our clients aren't willing to pay for recoding the files in AS3. Specifically, the loadMovie command is no longer loading JPEG files into a movie clip holder. An example of a script command that suddenly stopped working is this:


      photoFile = "images/front_"+_global.projName1+".jpg";



      The image file names and directory structures have not been altered. There have been no identifiable changes to the servers these scripts reside on.


      Is this a bug with the recent Flash Player updates? I hope the loadMovie command is not being deprecated. Any help would be appreciated.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it's probably a bug.  i've seen some problems with the latest update not triggering the load complete event in as3, too.


          you can check if the bug you've noticed has been logged:  https://bugbase.adobe.com/

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            I've noticed that too.

            One friend reported that his portfolio website doesn't work anymore. Its one main.swf file which loads gallery.swf file which holds photos.

            It was working fine for me, than I realised that my flash player is 11.5, after I upgraded it into latest 11.6 it stopped working.

            Website is full screen swf. When gallery (button click) load attempt is made, instead of loaded gallery, blank screen is shown.

            Right click shows: "Movie not loaded" message

            gallery.swf is loaded with this command: loadMovie("gallery.swf", "GalleryHolder");

            It's 3 years old AS2 project.

            It's not big deal for me because Ill re-make it with jquerry gallery, and flash is generally being hated anyway.

            Im not happy about bad hype against flash but we need to move on.

            But it could make big problems for other people because their projects will stop working.