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    _*_ = Multi-Cam audio popping + waveform disappearing act

    npags711 Level 1

      Is there any way with multi-cam editing in nested sequence to make audio not follow video? I don't edit with multi-cam monitor, I edit in timeline.


      As I watching exported video's, I noticed some occasional popping in audio when I switched camera angles. Each camera angle had the exact same audio track.


      I need to remedy that popping.....and I think a single waveform would do it - so long as it stays linked to the nested sequence containing 2-3 camera's.




      Also - I asked this Q previously but someone said you just have to deal with it...


      When you create a nested sequence and enable multi-cam - the audio waveform disappears. Ultimately, I rendered the audio to get the audio wave to become visible again. But, when you close the project or switch to another proj or the proj crashes....you need to re-render the waveform - which wastes time.


      Is there a solution for this. I just need to see the waveform without having to re-render or render at all...


      Thanks for your help!