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    video framerate problem


      There is problem when trying to play ntsc videos (29.97 fps - video ormats h264 mp4-flv-f4v-mov), it drops some frames and stuttering video. So, flex video components has a default video frame rate? i think it is only reading 24 frames , not reading other frames and so stuttering.


      Tried it with  s:videodisplay, mx:videodisplay, flash.media.Video, org.osmf.elements.VideoElement  components and all of it the result is same it is not playing ntsc videos with real frame rates and stuttering. Also tested different videos.


      Worked on Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 (Air 3.5)


      System information,


      W7 Enterprise,

      C2Duo 2.53 Ghz,

      512 Graphic

      4 GB Ram