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    Hyperlink character options in InDesign


      I am creating hyperlinks in InDesign and do not have any options available under the "character options" box.  It just lists [none] with no options in the drop down menu. My hyperlinks WORK but do not appear in either preview mode or .pdf output with formatting that indicate the text is a hyperlink.  The "hand button" will appear if you hover over it, but you wouldn't know to do that because it just looks like any other text--no blue underline, for example.  I have selected the text as "text" and not as the "text frame."  Help is greatly appreciated.

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have to create one or more Character Styles to populate that menu.


          Format some text the way you want your hyperlinks to look, (color, underline, etc.). With your newly formatted text selected, go to the Character Styles panel (if it's not visible, press Shift+F11), and choose New Character Style from the panel menu. Give it a name like "hyperlink" and click OK.


          Now, when you create or edit hyperlinked text, your Character Styles menu will include the character style you created, in addition to [None].

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            SpeedoPoz Level 1

            Thanks, John.  That did the trick.  I guess I was surprised there weren't already some defaults built into that particular menu--seems like a no brainer.