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    Photoshop Opens 8bit TIFF files as Camera Raw

    DaleH Level 1

      My normal workflow consists of opening RAW files in ACR, making adjustments, then moving on to Photoshop where I apply retouching and build clipping paths. I then save the file as an 8bit TIFF. I rarely reopen these 8bit TIFFs again, but when I did so recently what I encountered was not what I expected.


      My Photoshop (CS6) is opening 8bit TIFF files as Camera Raw when selected by "right click" followed by "Open with Photoshop CS6". I remember being able to open 8bit TIFF files directly in Photoshop, but I think this change has occurred since installing CS6.

      Again, files in question began as 16bit Raw files, but were worked on in Photoshop CS6 (retouching) and saved with clipping paths. This would reduce them to 8bit files. When placed in page layout, clipping paths work properly, confirming that paths are intact.


      When I want to open the files again - say from Bridge or a Finder window - by the method "right click - Open with Photoshop CS6", the file is opened first in Camera Raw, and then in Photoshop, and the path(s) is missing.

      I can open these TIFF files and access Paths but only if I locate and select the file from within Photoshop (File/ Open.../). The Open window gives "Format" as Camera Raw (which it isn't, having been saved as 8bit file). If I override  format to "TIFF", the file opens with clipping path shown.


      What might be going on here and how can I correct it?