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    Presenter 8  fails using built-in iSight on Bootcamp


      Presenter 8 won't work with my Apple built-in iSight camera in Win7 in bootcamp

      I have 3 different generations of imac and 1 macbook pro that have the same problem.

      Presenter tries to start the camera, the indicator turns on, then after about 20 seconds, it errors out saying the camera is turned off.

      If I remove Presenter 8 and re-install 7, it works. If I connect an external USB camera, it works.

      I'm caught in the middle on this, as is always the case when I find something weird in my labs.

      Neither Apple, or Microsoft, or Adobe seem to care about this because it's a poor configuration. And it is too easy to blame the "Other Guy"!

      Please don't tell me I should have bought a windows machine, It wasn't my decision, only my responsibility to maintain.


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          Please provide us with the following info:

          verisons of iMac / macbook pro,

          Video card manufacturer,

          Exact version of presenter 8


          Please make sure your video card driver and presenter (help>update) is up to date.

          Did you tried relaunching Video Creator again and selecting webcam from settings?

          Have you installed any other webcam software in Win7?

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            ceduhlp Level 1



            I've been working on computers for over 30 years and it always amazes me how troubleshooting hints are stumbled upon.

            Your questions prompted me to check the settings in video creator again. I hadn't previously looked at the resolution settings.

            The iSight cameras that were giving me problems are not HD. Changing the setting to SD resolved the issue.

            Thanks much for the hint.


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