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    Best workaround for editing long AVCHD clips in CS6?

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      Hi there, I've recently switched to CS6 and have run into incredibly long render times using native AVCHD clips (13 hours to encode a 30 minute m2v).  After reading many posts it seems the issue I am running into is a known bug.  So, my question is: is there a good workaround for this issue?


      It sounds like this issue is only on long clips.  Is it possible to automatically split the .mts files using another program (virtualDub?) prior to importing?


      If transcoding from the native format is required (until the fix) what would be the best method using Windows 7 64bit?  I have heard Avid's DNxHD is a good lossy codec, but I hate to do this if there is an accepted workflow I should learn instead.


      Thanks for any advice!