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    would you test my flash site ?

    eprevot123 Level 2



      I made a full flash website for children on http://patschool.com, I'm not sure it displays well on other people browsers.


      Would you please try to load it and tell me if it displays correctly ?

      If you think it's too long to show up, or if you see error message (maybe you use the debug Flash Player), or the navigation does not work, please tell me.


      Thank you !

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          I like the graphics (kid-friendly). It loads very fast for me.


          A few things.


          You should re-do this with pure HTML5. The complexity is very simple being the only animation is the clouds going by. That's trivial to do with CSS/JavaScript and would make the site visible on devices which don't have Flash Player.


          To reinforce that, all your content is outside Flash. Any link I click on brings me to a HTML page. I'd either load that content directly into Flash to display or just don't use Flash for it.


          The video loaded up to 98% pretty fast and then stopped, no video. When I refreshed the page I went back to Chargement (loading) perhaps because you're reading the URI and auto-loaded where I was before but it's frozen on that.


          All those forms are very easy to do with pure HTML/CSS/JS and if you use HTML5 you can encode the video in MP4, get better quality, save filesize and devices can see the video (with built in fullscreen).


          Ultimately if there was more fun animation going on I'd say use Flash but for just clouds it's not worth requiring the plugin, cutting out a huge portion of visitors to your front page. I didn't disable the plugin to see if you offered an alternative version for people without Flash.