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    Preparing Actionscript Bytecode


      I finally started profiling Our app on an ipad (We are developing a cross-platform app for iPad and web.

      What I am trying to find a solution to is why the startup times are so heavy.


      Scout reveals that it takes about 93 seconds to load the first frame of the app. on the Web version it is about 5-6 seconds .


      This time is split about 50/50 between "Other" SWF processing(Preparing ActionScript Bytecode) and actionscript

      And again about half of the actionscript time is nowhere to be found (catagorized under global scope)


      I suspect this might have something to do with a lot of popups and stuff in the game is loaded from swcs, but It would be nice to get a detailed explanations what Preparing actionscript bytecode means in this context and how to optimize it. And where is the missing "Global scope" time.


      I have attached the FLM for analysis Focus on the first frame since the rest is just start of loading external assets, but at this point a loading bar is being displayed.



      link to FLM   https://dl.dropbox.com/u/154782/AdobeForums/iosSlowBeginning.flm


      p.s. The application is built with AIR 3.5 SDK swf-version 18 & has package settings ipa-ad-hoc