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    CS6 crashing when sequence settings are changed


      When I launch CS6 and select a new doc - it had default settings for the sequence. When I change them to DSLR - or anything but default......CS6 crashes, does not say why & shuts down. Tried changing them after setting everything else - same result.


      Running a HP 8770w Elitebook

      32G RAM

      SSD primary

      twin SATA's raided

      nVidia K5000M (supported_cuda_card.txt in Adobe changed to read Quadro K5000M)


      Any thoughts? I cannot get PPCS6 to run anything if I change the setting.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Don't change the sequence settings.  Create the correct sequence from the start.

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            cullyeefas Level 1

            I'm sorry if I was not clear. I was referring to sequence presets. If you do not choose the proper one BEFORE working it screws up the footage. Sure, you can change the presets once working - but that crashed it too. Loved the comment though!!


            On a fresh load of CS6 - the default sequence preset settings are other than DSLR - which is what I use. SO, you either change them in the first window, or do so after the sequence is open & running. Neither would work and crashed out as soon as you touch a button other than the default camera setting. We tried a number of different approaches to get the proper setting loaded. Nothing.


            It turns out it's all an Adobe/nVidia issue. CS6 Premiere does not dig the Quadro K5000M.


            But, after repeated attempts we found a workaround.


            Fresh install of CS6 - restart

            Edit the cuda_supported_cards.txt file as described in these Forums. Restart

            Hack the card itself - restart

            launched CS6 Premiere Pro & not only is the card there - but fully operational.


            Results of speed tests in HD & 4K were amazing - this is realtime editing - finally.