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    Newbie: PrE 10 Clips will not play (preview) in Monitor


      I am, I guess, a newbie, as I have not used Premiere at all since v.6 and am mostly familiar with iMovie, Win Movie Maker, and Corel Video Pro. 


      I am using PrE10 on Windows 7 computer with 3 GB RAM and three recently defragged or formatted drives with at least 200GB free space. 

      I am using clips brought into Organizer as MOV files, and the project settings were appropriately adjusted to DV Standard.  The clips play fine in Organizer. 

      In PrE, clicking on the Play button does not "play" the clip, does not show to be working (spinning circle) and doesn't flip back to the Pause button, which can be clicked to return (that is, nothing appears to be frozen). 

      Dobuble-clicking on the media thumbnail will launch the preview window, play can be clicked, but nothing happens. 


      I am SURE I am missing a step.  Can anyone tell me what that step might be?