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    PP CS6 Title Safe Motion Automatic Drop Shadow - WHY and how do I turn it off?


      Hello all.


      I'm new to Premiere (one week) after years on Avid. So go easy on me.


      I've created a title that I've added some motion to (basic stuff, just moved the position/added some directional blur so that the camera pan matches the title movement). The moment the edge of the title frame enters the screen a drop shadow appears - but only if there's motion (see attached picture).


      At first I thought it wouldn't show up on export- but it did. I'm sure it was placed there by programmers as some kind of marker, or edge warning, but why in the world can't I find a place to shut it off? I tried everything, watched about 2 hours worth of adobe TV, youtube, vimeo tutorials, read forums, the software's help section, etc. Had a chat conversation with an adobe rep in India and he suggested I animate using title crawl - in the end he didn't know how to turn the shadow off. I could always go to AE, but why should I have to do this for something so basic? Is there ANY way to shut this feature off (considering how customizable everything that adobe makes tends to be)? Or do I have to bite the bullet and create a Matte to over the shadow (silly considering it wasn't my creative choice).


      PS: If I stack video on top of video the same shadow does not appear, even if I add motion to it - so this is a title only problem.

      PPS: Yes, I could zoom into the frame to avoid the shadow (and if there is no answer or solution to my question I will do that) but why should there be a permanent shadow on a Title frame that already has several safety markers - including a while edge around the frame???? Or furthermore, why should we be limited to work inside a frame???


      Thank you for your help/time. Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 1.51.46 PM.png