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    Where oh where are my files (kindle fire hd)


      I just bought the app for my kindle HD, and spent some time learning and editing photos, saved them, but couldn't give them a "name" so they saved as "untitled"--I can only see them as "projects"  but I would like to email them, use them, etc, BUT, using ES Explorer and WiFi File could not find these photos located anywhere.  HELP!

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          What Adobe needs is some sort of tutorial on what you can do with a project once you're done, as there are many options. 


          If you want to email a project, browse to the project you want to email in PS Touch, and in the upper right, there's an icon of a square with an arrow directionally pointing to the right; it's the second icon from the left. Tap it.


          Tap, "Share." From here, select a desired file format (JPEG, PNG, PSDX (PS Touch's native file format; only PS Touch or Photoshop CS with the plug-in can read this) and PSD). Tap the project, then tap OK. Wait. (Hammer time!)*


          From there, choose an action on how you want to share the file, based upon what you have installed (like email, or Dropbox). e.g., If you save to Dropbox, Dropbox should initiate and begin uploading the file to Dropbox.



          *sorry; late here 

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            paulinepdm2 Level 1

            Thank you so much.   That did the trick.  I was able to save to gallery, and rename.  On my kindle HD the icon is 5th from right but your description was sufficient to locate it.  Even though I use Ps Elements a lot, there is a learning curve here.  I am still happy to have the program and it's powerful editing tools.