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    Running MIFWash as a service

    max_drawdown Level 1

      Got a trailhead?


      MIFWash is doing what it is supposed to.


      But while it runs for 35 minutes on a book of insets, my ability to control mouse clicks and use my keyboard are inhibited. FM is minimized.


      I want to use other programs while MIFWash is running. Because of the mouse & keyboard interference, I can't.


      How do I get the benefit of MIFWash without the keyboard and mouse interference?  Somehow on a 4-core machine, it seems like this "ought" to be feasible.


      Hypothetical example:  How do I  start MIFWash, or FM with MIFWash, on an identified book, so that MIFWash runs the way a service process does, without interfering with my keyboard and mouse?


      Does a command line interface exist to enable this idea?


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