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    Is there a way to color layers and sub layers in Fireworks?

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      Hello all,


      I'm trying to find a way to colorize the layers and sub layers in the layer panel in Fireworks CS5.5, like you can in Photoshop. I work in a small web design company doing GUI design and when I pass the files on to the developers they are asking for easier ways to sort the content of various layers and sublayers at a glance. In Photoshop you can apply a color to a layer or group in the layrs panel and that works great for an internal labeling scheme. Is there anything like this built into Fireworks or are there any add-ons from a 3rd party etc. that would allow this? It wold save a lot of trouble and time for us. I can't find anything anywhere about it, but it may be that my search terminology is poor. I'm not sure how you would word a search for this kind of feature. I keep getting information about applying colors to shapes etc rather than colorzing the labeling of layers panel itself.


      Thanks in advance for any help or information!

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          If this option were available, you'd find it in either the Layers panel fly-out menu or Preferences. Unfortunately, it's not (as far as I can tell).


          Most add-ons to Fireworks come in the form of Commands or Command Panels. So I don't think you can find something to modify that aspect of the Layers panel, unless somebody created a replacement for the whole panel.


          All I can think to suggest is that maybe you could use Pages or States to help organize your file contents. With Onion Skinning, multiple states can be visible on the canvas at once, and you can customize their opacity using the Custom... command within the Onion Skinning menu (in the States panel). Different aspects of a design could be consigned to different States, but would all be visible on the canvas.


          Certainly, you could try using an outline type of system to organize your Layers—for instance, adding A, B, C, etc. to the start of the layer names. Personally, I find the sublayer system a bit awkward to use, but you could also opt to use Layers/Sublayers to create a higher level of organization.


          Finally, you could try submitting a feature request to Adobe: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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            Thanks for the information,


            I was relatively certain there wasn't a native way to do this. I was hoping maybe someone had created a plug-in but as you say, I could see where it would be very difficult to modify the internal workings of the software like that.


            I went ahead and put in a feature request per the link you provided... maybe someday that will do some good haha! I use sublayers and pages currently and have on a few occasions used states. I have a few options that are open to me if it were just me doing the work but I work with a couple developers and they know how to get around in Fireworks enough to make a slice and select needed objetcs (as long as I group complex shapes and mult-tier effects) but that is about all they do and are willing to know about "design" software lol! They like the sublayers because I think it's similar in behavior to the database and coding software they use. I have convinced them of the beauty of pages for alternate colors and versions of the same site but that is about as far as they are willing to go right now.


            They want to mainly be able to quickly turn off specific text and certain effect layers as needed so they can sort slicing faster and see where the desired objects and layers are at a glance. We've been using sub layers to break things up between these components but they aren't as happy with that because it still means often having to read the names on the layers palette and when you have an extensive project with many items in the layers panel, it gets hard to read at times. It also addes even more folders to sort through becuase of the high level of specicifity. It's not a deal breaker, just a way to speed up the workflow and keep tension down haha! The onion method sounds interesting but I'll have to demo it first and see how easy it is to fool with hiding various combinations... you know how "coders" can be sometimes


            Thanks for the input! Here's to hoping Adobe thinks this feature is worth it in the future! Can't see where it would be terribly difficult to add!