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      Hi, I have about an hour's worth of footage in a project with many clips. My sceneline seems only capable of displaying a portion of these clips. If I move the CTI around on the timeline and then go back it will then seem to load up others but I'm trying  to work out if I have any more control over this process. It's not like some of the clip aren't loading into the boxes, the slider actually just gets to the end but this is no where near the end of the footage. It won't let me try and move the sceneline further along because it is just indicating that there isn't anymore footage. I have 8 gig of ram with an i5. Would they all be able to be displayed if I had more ram?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How many individual clips do you have? I believe there is a limit.


          Sceneline, after all, is a quick and dirty way to build a movie. If you've got a major production with dozens of clips, you really should be working in Timeline mode.