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    Best practices for creating movie from still images?


      I have created an architectural model in *someone else's* software, and animated a camera in *someone else's* software, and rendered that out to still images.  I rendered every 5th frame (for a total of 401 frames) in order to save time on rendering.  My goal is to create a short movie (2 minutes) of the camera flying around the building.


      When I imported all of the images, I stretched the duration so that they equally fit the 2 minutes, and used the keyframe assistant to sequence the layers.  Now that I've done that, the movie is choppy (as I expected it to be, since I only rendered every 5th frame).  Does anyone have suggestions as to what effect or transition can be used to smooth the sequence out?  Or am I living in a dreamland and I need to go back and render every single frame?  Is this even the software I should be using?  I'm obviously a n00b, so any help is greatly appreciated.




      Using After Effects CS4 ( on Windows 7 64-bit