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    Error code 213:10

    dindea Level 1

      I have installed the test version of Photoshop Elements 11. When I try to start Photo Editor or Organizer, I get Configuration Error, ErrorCode 213:10.

      The start of the "main window" from where I start Editor or Organizer is OK.

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          ukgaurav Adobe Employee

          This is why the error comes. Try the solution as below.



          213:5  or 213:10

          These errors are due to a read-only SLStore folder.See Verify permissions to the SLStore folder.


          Here is the link for all activation codes http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-error-codes.html




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            dindea Level 1

            Thank you for a fast response!

            /Staffan Cronstrom


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              steffenz75832649 Level 1

              hi, there is no SLStore folder on my installation. I just got a new MacBook Pro, and tried to install the download to Lightroom 5 which I bought some time ago. this is not solving it for me. also, the pcd folder already had the all read and right setup... does anybody know whats next? since I don't have internet atm, I would be very happy if somebody could send the solution to my mail audio at doctor dot com.. thanks a lot

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                noemig71841677 Level 1

                I am having the same issue.

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                  Tara Lynne Photography Level 1

                  Has anyone found a solution to this? I just picked up my new MacBook today and I can't seem to get LR5 to install. Same 213:10 error code. I have been on with customer support for an hour and a half and they have no idea what they are doing. They tried to have me re-download it and then had no other answers for me after that. They are contacting me in 24 hours and I don't have high hopes.

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                    whltexbread Level 1

                    I'm having the issue as well.


                    I manually made the `SLStore` folder on my computer, gave it the right permissions, and was then told I needed to install Adobe Creative Desktop, which I did. Lightroom finally started and asked me for my serial number but I got the following error:


                    >The serial number you entered is invalid. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Support.


                    Well, I copied/pasted the number from my Adobe account page, so I didn't type it wrong. My only guess is that it was an upgrade serial number and their new verification system didn't keep track of that.


                    I searched around more and found out that sometimes you have to deactivate software on your old computer. Well, Lightroom 5 doesn't have a way to deactivate or logout.


                    Fun stuff!

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                      callik16052734 Level 1



                      I was just having this issue with my new MacBook too! 


                      I downloaded LR from the website, but it was not opening, after downloading "Creative Desktop", it would open, but wouldn't accept my serial number (though it was purchased directly from Adobe so couldn't have been fraudulent)


                      How I fixed the issue:


                      -Downloaded the "Creative Desktop"

                      -Logged into my adobe account.

                      -Went into "manage account"

                      -went into "my orders"

                      -under "items" I clicked on "Downloads and Serial Numbers"

                      -re-downloaded LR5 from the download link provided and re-installed it.


                      NOW it prompted me for the serial number and it accepted it! Also had to provide original serial number from LR2, but both checked out and I can now open it!


                      So my guess is when they updated LR, the new downloadable version does not support the older purchases for some reason?


                      If you bought it from a third party, unfortunately it might actually be "invalid" but if you bought it through Adobe, try doing it this way!

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                        corala71684622 Level 1

                        hello I am having the exact same problem and would like to try your method but I don't have "my orders" anywhere on my account page - could it be called something else?

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                          annat43427598 Level 1

                          where did you download the "creative desktop"?

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                            billyc87299844 Level 1

                            I too am having this issue and didn't purchase my lightroom direct from adobe. Has anyone found a fix yet?

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                              1fish2 Level 1

                              This worked!


                              There was an extra step needed: After "manage account" opened the Adobe web page (and maybe I had to log in again), click the "Plans & Products" icon next to "Overview". Then "View my orders" shows up (in the "Order History" section).