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    useTLS in CFMAIL encrypting messages when set to false

    Rocking Robin IV Level 1

      I'm trying to sent messages encryted using TLS or unencrypted using one application. I set the useTLS attribute of the cfmail tag to "No" or "Yes" based on a configuration option set by the end user.


      I have configured ColdFusion Administrator to enable TLS connections to the mail server and my exchange mail server has TLS enabled. I verify that the mail server is configured using the JavaMail platform and if the mail server is not configured I abort the request when the end user has selected to use TLS. My issue is that all my messages are being sent encrypted using TLS even when I set the useTLS attribute to "No".


      Will I require a different mail server for handling the TLS requests?


      I'm running ColdFusion 9, but I need this functionality to also work on ColdFusion 8.