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    Problem capturing from Video 8 format camcorder

    kjm33 Level 1

      I have several family video tapes from the early 1990-s which I now want to digitise and edit.  I bought a Grass Valley ADVC55 converter - the camcorder plugs in to it via RGB leads and the converter plugs into the 1394 6-pin firewire port in my PC.  The converter is set for PAL format (I am in Australia).  The Video-8 tape appears to capture correctly - during capture it displays the footage with sound in PE's video capture window.  After capture it splits it into scenes and the thumbnails for these scenes show correctly in PE(10) in the Media window on the Project tab.  However any attempt to play any part of the video from either the Preview or Source windows results in just a white screen showing; the audio however plays correctly.  If I exit PE10 and open the captured AVI file with either Windows Media Player of VLC, it plays perfectly.  So the video has definitely been captured.  Why won't it show in PE, other than on the thumbnails?  The settings I have used are DV PAL.