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    ServiceFactory: getSolrService & getCollectionInfo questions

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, everyone.


      I'm trying to see if I can find a way to get information (details, settings, etc.) from existing Solr collections under CF9.  It was suggested that I look into the cfide.adminapi.  Still kind of trying to find documentation on that, but I'm giving up.


      I did accidentally discover that ServiceFactory has getSolrService(), which begets getCollectionInfo().  Again, not really finding much documentation (even searching adobe.com) for it.


      Does anyone have code examples for this that they could share?


      Here is code that is generating an error:


      <cfset coll = "collectionName"><!--- No, it's not really "collectionName" --->
      <cfset factory = CreateObject("java","coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory").getSolrService().getCollectionInfo(coll)>


      I've tried getCollectionInfo both with and without an argument.  Neither is working.  Does anyone have tips, tricks, pointers, etc?


      Thank you,