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    Question Regarding Introduction Videos Within After Effects

    Takendown Level 1

      Hey guys, I'm new to the forums!


      I want to keep this pretty short for you guys so I'll try to make it as breif as possible. Here's my problem/question:


      In Adobe After Effects CS6, I have created an intro for my videos on YouTube using a Battlefield Premium template that I found on YouTube and have rendered it into a 1080p H.264 (.mp4) video file format rendered with default "best settings". The introduction video does not last more than 5 seconds. Having little knowledge on Adobe After Effects, I plan to learn more of the program by using it as my default video editing program (switched from Sony Vegas Pro 12) and I appear to have a little dilemma.


      For those who regularly put introductions into their videos, I have a question for you.


      When I made a video today with my introduction in place (I had taken the already rendered introduction and placed it into my composition and worked around it) but I noticed that the template I used was only a 1280x720 one. That made the resolution a bit distorted and "larger" than usual. My question is, do I have to re-render the introduction along with the introduction template or continue doing what I did today which was place the already rendered introduction and work around it?


      What do you guys usually do?


      Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear the replies!