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    Media Encoder is Missing




      Have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and had previously installed the 'Premiere Pro CS6 Family' from the Application Manager along with Encore, Speedgrade etc. and Media Encoder was installed as part of this.


      Being honest...the applications scared me so I didn't think that I would use them so uninstalled Premiere etc. along with Media Encoder.  A couple of Adobe UK guys came into work the other day and gave an overview on Premiere so I wanted to give it another go.


      Have installed it tonight along with Speedgrade and Encore and Media Encoder is not installed anywhere.  Have looked in all the usual places (Applications Folder etc.) and it definitely hasn't installed itself, doing a spotlight search doesn't yield any results either.


      Just wondering if you can offer some suggestions on how to get it reinstalled?


      Am running on Mac OS X 10.8.2.