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    InDesign crashes when syncing book with Hyperlinks in master

    Josh_B_369 Level 1


      I seem to have an issue with InDesign crashing when trying to sync a Book (INDB file) with page links (Hyperlinks) in the Master.

      Ref. Hyperlink panel > Edit Hyperlink > Link To: Page



      I've narrowed the crashing issue down to InDesign only crashing when the Style Source (containing the master with page links), tries to sync with another doc in the Book that uses the master in the Pages panel. Thus I do not get a crashing error if the doc does not contain the master in the Pages panel.


      For the pages that did not contain the master on the Pages panel I noticed that the Hyperlinks were labelled differently from the Style Source (ex. "hyperlink 1" from the Style Source would be "hyperlink 2" in the first document synced with it (assuming only one hyperlink present).


      If I remove the Hyperlinks (page links) from the master, the error no longer occurs for any of the pages.

      I put the links on the Page as opposed to the Master to test functionality and they work as expected. Although part of the reason for having the Master is these links appear exactly the same across multiple pages in the Book.


      I've tried to export all my pages as IDML files then re-save them as INDD files to no avail. Did the same to all the files as well with "Save As" which didn't do anything either. I then installed the latest patch I could find: Application Version (See all InDesign Patches), which also did not work.


      Not sure if this is a bug or if what I'm trying to accomplish should be done differently.

      The links in the Master need to link to the first page of select docs in the Book. Similar functionality to how a rendered table of contents would behave.

      Ref. Layout > Table of Contents...