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    Installed Production Premium CS5.5 on new comp - How do I get my settings back?


      So I just managed to get my copy of Production Premium onto my new iMac, and I thought I'd begin by opening an old project on Premiere Pro and seeing how much faster I can render it.


      I pressed the usual keyboard shortcut I assigned...and nothing...then remembered, I would need to restore my settings to get my shortcuts/layouts back!


      Luckily my workspace layout came back, I think it's part of the project file?


      Anyway how do I get the rest of my settings back? I have a backup of the old Mac on Time Machine and I was looking through the application files/folders but can't seem to find anything. Can someone direct me there?


      I didn't restore my iMac with Time Machine, I decided I'd start fresh so I can organise the computer a bit better, so I had to do a clean install of Production Premium.


      I know this is the Premiere Pro forum, but what about Photoshop brushes and settings? And After Effects layouts/settings/plugins?