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    Animation not loading correctly on web page


      Hi, I imported an .oem file into my Muse website.  Everything works fine in Muse's preview and even if I export to my browser it all functions correctly.  However, once uploaded to the server the animations do not seem to want to load on the first try.  If I reload the page they appear to work fine. 


      One instance can be found at the top of the index page: www.splashlightstudio.com.  Another example is in any of the "about" pages: e.g. www.splashlightstudio.com/john.html.


      I found 2 similar discussions, but none seem to have a solution:




      I am viewing in Google Chrome, but have also tried on an iPad, iPhone, and Safari.  All seem to have the same issue.


      Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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          splashlightstudio Level 1

          For anyone who is interested, I found a work around that seems to be working.


          To lock in the position, I imported the .oam animation into Muse as per normal.  Then I exported the html from Muse and opened up in Dreamweaver.  From there I basically removed the iFrame surrounding the animation and replaced it with the html code (from an html exported version of the .oam animation). 


          It's a little sloppy and time consuming and will require this any time I want to make a change through Muse, but it appears to be working.


          The problem seems to have something to do with the iFrame (maybe timing out before the full file can be loaded).  Hopefully the gods of Muse will find a real solution for this soon...

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            Piero Salardi Level 1

            Hello Splashlightstudio, I'm having the same problem with a site I'm building. Everything seems to be working fine in preview mode, but as soon as I export the file and uploaded into my server the Edge animations are taking forever to load or they do not load at all.


            I'm going to try doing what you have explain about removing the iFrame and replace it with the html code from the .oam exported file.


            Have you try something else to solve the problem?