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    form file attachment upload questions

    Inkpot_Printing Level 1



      We're hoping to move our website over to BC hosting but there's one thing standing in our way (well, two but I will cover the second in another entry).


      We're a printing business and we need our clients to be able to upload artwork to our website. To this end we need:


      1) A realtime progress bar (estimated time until completion would be nice but not essential)


      2) Restriction of uploadable file types.


      3) Error message if the 100mb size is exceeded.


      4) Redirect / modal popup on completion of successful upload.


      Does BC do this? If not, will it soon?


      Thanks for your help!

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          officeBrah Level 2

          1. Not possible at this stage.

          2. No inbuilt functionality to achieve this - may be possible with jQuery.

          3. I'm not actually sure what happens if you attempt to upload a file over 100mb, but you should test this and find out - so I can't really answer this.

          4. You will encounter the web form submission page if the upload is successful.

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            BluPark Level 1

            Everything mentioned above is correct.

            However, another limitation you have is diskpace.


            We tried to set up the music store, where users uploaded the music, but we ended up switching to a hosting service using wordpress and installing a file upload plugin. The main concern was the diskspace vs $$ limitation we encountered.


            Good luck.