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    Put these faces underwater?

    David S Habercom

      I would like to insert the group of faces below into a larger image with a black background.  I would like to give the impression that they are underwater and we are looking down on them through the water.  (Imagine a setting where we are standing beside a stream and looking down into the stream, where we see the faces.)  I find several tutorials for creating underwater scenes in which the camera position is underwater, but none in which the camera position is above and looking down into the water.  Can this be done at all?  Thanks in advance.


      CS5 on a Mac.


      WATER TEST.jpg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sure it can be done. You just need a photo of some water surface and put it on top, then play around with blending modes and transparencies plus of course adjust the colors of the people in the shot...



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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            Like Mylenium points out naturally a photograph would be be preferable.

            But if quality requirements are not very high one could for example use the Filters Clouds and Gaussian Blur with a couple Adjustment Layers (Curves, Gradient Map, …) and some Transformation to try and fake a reflective wavy surface.

            And, again as Mylenium points out, Blend Modes and Transparencies (via Blend if-settings for example) are useful.