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    Cannot extract the embedded font"...". Some characters may not display or print co


      Been trying to find a solution for this problem that has been rearing its ugly head for years now...

      Its definitely related to flattening transparencies, I believe, as it only appears after I click 'APPLY' under the apply to pdf section of the Flattener Preview Dialog.


      Im exporting the files as pdfs(interactive) from CS6 Indesign. I then have to flatten the transparencies for the digital addition requirements while leaving the fonts embedded. No problems until I try to Flatten the transparencies. Several files return the same error for a number of fonts.

      I've read that could be specific character issues. Font Doctor finds no issues with the fonts in question.

      Also getting a similar error regarding character widths.

      Others have reinstalled the fonts to no avail.

      Does anyone no of a workaround that doesnt require using alternate fonts?

      Ive dumped the font cache too. Didnt help.


      Thanks for any advice in advance,