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    CS6 to AE via Dynamic Link

    Mandla Bolekaja Level 1

      I know I'm missing something simple but how do you maintain all your selected clips in a sequence in PPro to be worked on for some simple work in AE?

      I have a sequence in CS6 that need to have some color correction done on certain clips in the sequence, clips that are not all next to each other. I highlight the clips together in the sequence, then click on a clip to initiate "Replace with After Effects Composition"

      this opens up AE where I have all seven clips highlighted that I need to work on. (I'm doing DayForNight for all clips, so I want them all uniform)

      But when I begin to work the second I start they become deselected and I can't apply the changes to them all at once.

      I know there's a simple solution that will keep all clips highlighted so I can apply changes to all of them at once.