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    Image sequence help needed


      Hi people, first time posting, spent a while researching nobody seems to have covered this as far as i looked. I am dealing with about 1200 images in flash, in sequence, i tried importing the frames all at once and they all came up blank... for some reason they were red up until 315 and then the rest were blank, some were black. People have said that it is likely a ram issue? what the hell? the images total just under a half a gig and i have 8gb of ram, i looked at my processes and flash is only using about 3gb of ram. I tried importing about 100 images at a time, and i got to about 300 and again, the same issue started, after seeing them all work up to 300. I need to be able to take out a frame here or there from a video. I hope i need not exaplin more, the point is i need this image sequence to work, and i need to be able to see all 1200 frames and it simply is not working for me. Any solutions? flash has been driving me nuts lately.

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          Any help is much appreciated the assignment is due tomorrow [inappropriate language removed].

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            This is a known limitation in Flash. Do note that the size of the image on the filesystem may say something like half a gig but once you take it into Photoshop you'll see the uncompressed actual size of the image (on the bottom of each window). For example a 52KB JPEG in Photoshop right now states it's 950.2K. I'm assuming your images are probably larger so you can quickly see how this becomes an issue. Open 700 52kb images and you're sitting at 7GB ram, 1GB for the OS and are now in pagefile (HD ram).


            Flash is about being light weight. After Effects would sequence those images like nothing but Flash is not designed like that.


            The solution depends on your needs. Why are you importing 1200 frames individually? If the frames make up a video (or several videos) you should create them in an actual video while saving huge amounts of disk space and processor, while also getting around this Flash limitation.

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              Sinious, thank you for the reply,

              I was able to solve my issue by splitting up the file into 6 segments of 200 and compiling the export afterwards, the reason i needed an image sequence for a video that long is a very long explanation, but to make it short i basically had to be able to remove individual frames from the footage, and i dont have experience with programs like after effects yet or what ever program might have been able to do it, i have rotoscoped content that wasnt lining up, and the frame rates were off due to a change i had to make. So yeah, long story short, had to remove images and i ended up doing so by splitting it up.


              Thanks though,



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                I see what you mean about wanting to extract trouble frames and often when I was only used to using Flash I'd use it for things it's not necessarily ideal for.


                Are you using a suite or have AE or Premiere? If so I can point out how to do what you want in a couple seconds. The bonus for software like AE is it's extremely good at fixing frame rate issues like the one you mentioned.


                Otherwise I'm glad you got your issue fixed and can you mark the thread answered. Good luck!