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    Relinking proxy footage from Prelude in Premiere

    Meat122 Level 1

      So I'm giving Prelude a try and I'm still sort of new to the whole offline editing business but I want to make it work.


      So I ingest my footage (which are MTS files) into Prelude, make my subclips and rough cuts, and send it over to Premiere.  This is where I'm either screwing something up or it's not working correctly.  Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong in Premiere.


      I have my proxy sequence from Prelude, I fine tune the edit in that sequence.  Then I make another sequence with all the correct settings for my HD footage.  So I copy the proxy timeline over to the HD sequence, and then I try to replace the clips with the RAW MTS files.  But when I do that the replaced clip in my timeline's audio is where it's supposed to be, but the video is now the beginning of the RAW MTS clip.  So when I replace the clip the video is not where it's supposed to be.


      Is it because the RAW file is an MTS?  I've seen people having probelms with this file before.  Also is there any way to relink all of the clips in the timeline at once or do I have to do it one at a time?


      Please help, this workflow seems so perfect on paper, I really want to get this working.  Let me know if there's anything else I'm leaving out.  Thanks in advance.