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    Flash Builder Mobile - Higher customer range


      Hi adobe team,


      I really like Flash Builder 4.6 and the way of programming mobile apps.

      We already have 15 apps on the marketplaces of Google, Apple and BlackBerry.


      The problem is that we recognized lots of devices that weren't supported by the .apk built with Flash Builder 4.6.


      1. I knew that list of supported devices but I think it would greatly increase the quality of Flash Builder if more devices would be supported. Do you work on this issue?

      2. Is there a difference between Flash Builder 4.6 and 4.7 in this issue?


      The second thing that I wanted to mention is the size of the apps. It was a bigger issue as I began programming apps with Flash Builder but today it is still a smaller Problem.

      The smallest app we had built is about 9 MB and this is really a very small app (2 views and a few text elements).

      3. Do you plan to work on this?


      Best regards