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    If/Else Statement with Drop-Down List




      So I am trying to get the value for a hidden field in a form (which will be the basis for some other calculations in the form) based on what is selected from a drop down list. If "signed" is selected from the list, then the value = the value inputted in the "TimeAddedToDate" field. If "unsigned" is selected, then the value = 0.


      This way I can correctly make some other calculations on the form.


      I am having a problem with writing the javascript, though. I was hoping I would be able to figure it out from reading some javascript forums, but no luck so far.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


      This is my failed attempt:


      var Time = this.getField("TimeAddedToDate").value;

      var Select = this.getField("ToDateOrderStatus").value;

      if(Select == "Unsigned")event.value = 0;

      else if (Select == "Signed")event.value = Time;