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    i want to add a digital time code to raw video for editing purposes




      I want to be able to add a digital time code to raw video clips and footage for editing purposes.


      My idea is to use edit sheets for my friends so they would review their raw footage, with the digital time code already embedded for them,  they can  tell me where to cut and paste and special effects and stuff and then I could do their footage for them, good practise for me.


      I just got PE 11 a week ago and have not yet got deep into it,  used to use PE 7 a bit just fooling around, and of course PE 7  did not have capacity to insert digital time code into raw footage.


      Does anyone maybe know if  PE 11 will insert a digital time code into raw footage???   before there was talk of it being added????   Please advise


      Maybe there are some other software titles out there some one knows about that i could use as an addon to PE 11 maybe wash the raw footage thru the other software  first then give back to friends  and later use on PE 11, and later wash out digital time code on finished footage.


      Any ideas or options would be truly appreciated.


      I feel like a new kid in a candy store.  When I was really young, I did video editing/studio camera work  many years ago at a small local TV station and some film work in Vancouver in the '80s


      Notin busn for many decades but still have the burn.  Now I am  facing retirement and the kids grown and gone and I want to regroup and maybe do some local freelance editing work.  i first learned how to do things using digital time codes and such, so this is why my continued interest


      Anyway please reply if you can.  ASAP