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    Merged Clips losing audio w/ Dynamic Link Import, Project Manager, Remove Unused?


      Shot Canon DSLR, dual audio from H4n Zoom, synced using Plural Eyes in PP 6.0.2 using the replace audio option. I made merged clips and used those clips to edit on the timeline. I'm editing on my 2008 Macbook Pro, not optimal of course, so I've broken my project down into smaller chunks so that my computer can keep up. Now I'm importing the finished pieces into a new project to stick them together.


      From the new project, if I import the entire project, then everything comes through fine, but the project gets bulky since it's bringing in everything. When I import selected sequences, then some of my merged clips are suddenly missing the audio. But only some of them.


      If I use the Project Manager to export an individual sequence, or select Remove Unused, I get the same thing. Audio disappears. I've noticed that PP is cleaning out the .WAV audio from the Zoom that I'd imported into the bin before running Pluraleyes. And that Dynamic Link isn't importing the .WAV files when I import selected sequences. When I run Project Manager, it exports a bunch of .WAV files that have the audio for the merged clips, but it doesn't add them to the bin or link them to the merged clips, they're just sitting in the folder that the Project Manager created.


      So regardless of how I run at it, I end up with a sequence that looks like this...


      ... where most of my merged clips don't have the audio linked, but a few of them do. Any ideas about why this is happening? How I can relink just the audio on a merged clip, or... er, I dunno... I guess just those two things.


      Thanks, y'all.