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    Working with text (and objects) in a title: Positioning of text strings


      Hello all...


      I want to create a set of titles which are supposed to be always at the same position. In the title tool, all positioning tools are working in relation to the absolute middle of the text (or object). My titles ar NOT centered, they are supposed to be on the left side and aligned left.


      But this does not work. How am I able to self determine the anchor point of a text ?


      Example: I have 2 independent lines (strings) with different length. I want to set them 100 pixels from the left and 200 from the top. If I now try to position theses object with X and Y axis, I am not able to do so, because all measurement revolves around the middle of the string. If I punch in "100" for the x axis for both lines, they show up at different positions.


      Is that understandable ? Sorry for my bad english.