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    Installation of Technical Communications Suite 4


      We are in the process of installing the Technical Communications Suite 4 onto our current PCs.  We are using the Windows 7 Operating System and the Windows Office 7.


      We currently use RoboHelp 8.0.208, Framemaker 10 and Acrobat 10.


      One of our personnel said that when she downloaded the Tech Comm Suite 2.5 and 3, that they had to install the suite in a particular order of installation.  By this it meant Fremamaker, Acrobat and Robohelp etc.  At this time there was an issue with loading Acrobat first and then loading Windows Office.  At that time you had to go back and load in Acrobat again so that the Acrobat shortcuts would show up in the Office application. 


      Since we will not be installing another Office at this time, is there any know issue with the installation of the Technical Communications Suite 4?  


      If there is an order of installation of the products for Tech Comm Suite 4, please state the order for us to install.

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          When you install the suite you get to choose the products to install. As you will want to install all of them, it will install all the products you select in the order they appear in the dialog. There should be no issues with Acrobat. The only application you must have before starting the install is Microsoft Word as the version you have is determined by the install.


          I suspect your colleague may be referring to the PDF add on in Word that is updated by the install of TCS.