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    relation between pixels and file size


      I received one photo by e-m and movedt it to IPhoto. The property: 4928 x 3264, 4.1MB, JPEC. to calculate MB I did 4928 x 3264 x 8 x 3 = 386MB

      4928, 3264 is number of pixels, 8 is number of bits and 3 is number of channels.

      Way it is different: 4.1 & 386

      What is wrong??

      Next I open the photo in PSE9 and read image size: Pixel dimention W - 4928, H -  3264, (same when above), but file 46M. On my understanding it is  46MB (megabytes)

      Also this photo had Document size (I mean it is print size) W 16.426inc and H 19.88inc with resolution 300.

      Again diferences in file size.

      Who can explain how calculated file?

      What Is wrong?   


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