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    Verify Error 1014 Reference Error 1065 from style swf


      We develop a large application with several modules, assets, and styles.  We noticed a discrepancy between our automated build that runs from a script using mxmlc and our dev builds using Flex/Flash Builder.  When building using Flex/Flash Builder we had this module that would work fine.  When using the build from the command line we would get an error first that "Verify Error #1014 mx:core::MovieClip could not be found" then if we clicked Continue we would get #1065 on several embedded assets.  I found several posts saying that static-link-runtime-shared-libraries needed to be set to true.  We already had that as a command line argument.


      Recently I downloaded SWF Inspector and viewed the contents of the swf from Flex/Flash Builder and mxmlc.  I could see that things were missing from the command line build.  I hope this post can save at least one person a ton of research.  This was our problem.  When our main app, App.mxml was compiled to swf we have the argument



      We then use -load-externs=$(OutputDirectory)\Flex\report.xml when compiling the rest of our modules.  According to the online help for mxmlc, -load-externs using the xml file omits symbols from linking when compiling a swf.  We had copied and pasted commands throughout the build script and had -load-externs as an argument when compiling css to swf.  This caused classes and assets defined in report.xml to not be in the style swf.  Removing -load-externs from the command line arguments for compiling css to swf resolved the issue and the file sizes of our style swf now matches what we get using Flex/Flash Builder.